Up-and-coming film directors turn tweets into movie trailers to challenge outdated stereotypes

By on Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Four young directors – Monique Needham, Guy Chackarov and Omri Dagan, Ethan Ross, and Natasha Mwansa, turned public tweets into modern movie trailers that challenge stereotypes – this was following research conducted by M&M’S brand in September 2022, higlighting that Gen-Z Brits feel stereotypes are overused and lead to a feeling of not belonging.

The research revealed that 43% of Gen-Z Brits feel they can’t relate to characters on the big screen, and more than half (57%) feel stereotypes are offensive and overused in film.

The trailers, inspired by public tweets, call for a more diverse and inclusive film industry – the trailers will compete for a chance to have their clips made into a short move, that’ll premier in March 2023.

The film clips were created with the M&M’S brand as part of the #FilmsYouWantToSee campaign, aiming to champion a sense of belonging for all in the arts and entertainment space – the M&M’S brand has partnered with IMDb and Amazon Prime to host the trailers, which will be available from 1st March 2023.

The trailers

Ethan Ross, Arts University Bournemouth film student, responded to a tweet calling for an LGBTQIA+ spy thriller, to the kin of James Bond, with a heart-thumping thriller ‘Pink Glove’. The movie follows an all LGBTQIA+ spy agency looking for justice after an assassination attempt of a colleague.

‘Supervised’, directed by Guy Chackarov and Omri Dungan, a cop-based comedy, which challenges white privilege and police profiling of minorities in a world where cops bust white people for minor offences.

London-based director Monique Needham devised heart-warming tale ‘Sunday Dinner’, following a young British-Jamaican woman, who enlists the help of her traditional grandma to keep her family in check as she brings her new girlfriend to the family home.

The final trailer was developed by Natasha Mwansa, whose romantic comedy ‘Do it for Jordan’ tells the story of Maria, a recent heart-transplant recipient. After the procedure, Maria begins having feelings for a mystery woman, who turns out to be the ex-lover of her new heart’s previous owner.


Kerry Cavanaugh, Business Unit Director at Mars said: “We’re delighted to share these four amazing trailers aimed at growing a more diverse and inclusive film industry. Each director has showcased a real skill and is committed to reflecting a more modern world by championing diversity and inclusion on the big screen – exactly what the FUNd was established to do.’’

Nikki Santoro, IMDb Chief Operating Officer, said: “IMDb is uniquely positioned to help accelerate progress toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive entertainment industry. Through this campaign and others, IMDb is helping fans discover what to watch while empowering entertainment professionals to showcase themselves and their impactful work.”

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