Little Miss Waste Less – new character created to inspire people to produce less waste

By on Thursday, December 1, 2022

In collaboration with green cleaning brand Ecover, the Mr Men series has unveiled their latest character: Little Miss Waste Less.

The new Little Miss character hopes to inspire future generations to be more conscious about their plastic consumption, by encouraging families to incorporate refilling and reusing products into their daily habits.

Little Miss Waste Less sports a blue body and green ponytail – inspired by Earth’s land and sea; the character was created by Adam Hargreaves, son of original creator Roger Hargreaves.


Mr. Men Worldwide’s Silvia Figini said: “We truly believe in the power of storytelling to ignite behaviour change. Mr. Men Little Miss tales have always been about identifying yourself, and Mr. Men Little Miss characters, like all of us, sometimes struggle to stay on top of the amount of plastic waste in their homes.

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