Melanoma UK creates UV activated posters that reveal in exposure to sun

By on Monday, August 15, 2022

As heatwaves become a normality across the world and temperatures soar across the country, one charity is educating people on the risks of exposure to UV rays.

Melanoma UK has created a series of posters made from specialist UV paper with warnings about UV ray exposure printed with sun cream.

The UV paper changes colour in the sun, similarly to humans and burns as a reaction to UV exposure, revealing a thought-provoking message.



Approximately 16,000 people a year are being diagnosed with melanoma and 86% of all cases are preventable by staying out of the sun. The posters will be affected by a range of different temperatures to demonstrate the risks of sun damage even in colder conditions.

John McPartland, Creative Director Health, Leith said “With the changing environment, making heat waves more common, the risk of Melanoma has never been higher. However the risks of Melanoma don’t just exist during heat waves. We wanted to not only highlight the dangers UV pose, but show the protection that sunscreen can offer against them.”

Agency: Leith

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