LEGO invites kids to ‘The Most Boring Room Ever,’ and kids do what they do best

By on Monday, May 16, 2022

LEGO invited 6 children to sit alone in what is quite aptly described as ‘the most boring room ever’. While initially bored- and rightfully so- this all changed the moment the simplest addition was made to the room: a roll of paper.

With access to the endless joys of toys, social media and online games, it’d be fair to assume that kids nowadays need constant mental stimulation to be entertained. However, a recent social experiment by everyone’s favourite toy company, LEGO, suggests this may not be the case.

Watch below as the kids then converted these 4 dull walls into their own magical playgrounds, making for a feel-good video which is sure to awaken the dormant child within us all.

The brilliant campaign, produced by advertising firm Ketchum London and directed by Justin Hackney of Mad Cow Films, comes off the back of research conducted by LEGO into how essential play is for children, enabling them to develop crucial skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, physical coordination, creativity and many, many more.

LEGO hopes parents and adults will join their pledge to find moments of play in everyday life, just as kids can in ‘the most boring room ever’.

So, take this as an invitation to fit some playtime in sometimes, whether it’s kicking the huge pebble on the road like it’s a football, or simply reading your boss’ email in a funny voice in your head- it’s building crucial skills, after all.

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