New Extra gum ad celebrates the joy of life post-lockdown

By on Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Working with BBDO, Extra Gum has released a brilliant TV campaign celebrating the end of all things that made lockdown so unbearable.

With news that we can now venture outside our homes (set to a classic Celine Dion soundtrack), Extra imagines a world where everyone can finally do all the things they’ve missed the most – namely, sex.

As hoards of people take to the streets in search of their other halves, Extra gum acts as the final confidence boost before couples embrace. The ad pokes fun at other aspects of lockdown too, including never-ending Zoom calls, lack of personal grooming, and mountains of toilet roll.

Josh Gross and Pedro Pérez, co-chief creative officers at Energy BBDO, said, “when the time comes, we won’t just exit our homes quietly, pick up the newspaper and whistle our way back to the office. No, we’re going to return with force and help the world get its ding back.”

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