Experts at Money have calculated what it would look like to save for that all important mortgage on the moon

By on Thursday, April 1, 2021 has shared a guide on how you can get a mortgage on the moon. It might set you back close to £40 million but at least you can start saving for your dream moon living.

So where do you start when planning your home 384,400km away from the earth? Landing on the moon, Money explains that one acre of land on the moon could cost you £94.87! Now you need to factor in workers, tools, and equipment to get your dream home built which could cost you on average about £5.8 million. Not too bad right? Let’s now factor in the weather conditions of building on the moon, taking that into account you’ll need to factor in a budget of around £29 million…


Money has even designed the ideal floor plan of what your typical moon house should look like:

Though you can build your house on the moon, Money has also broken down how much it will actually cost to inhabit this house. You’re looking at £1 billion for a small nuclear reactor that generates energy, or you can opt for solar panels which would only set you back an extra 17k. Food and water are yet to be generated on the planet so would need to calculate the cost of transporting these from Earth.


This campaign was run as we start looking to what life would be like if we decided to start moving civilisation to the moon. Costs will no doubt increase once this dream becomes more of a reality.

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