Dove launch Selfie-Self Esteem campaign with moving video which reveals 85% of girl use retouching apps by age 13

By on Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Dove has released their moving film titled ‘Reverse Selfie’ which address the impact of which editing apps have on the self esteem of young people.

Research reveals that 85% of girls are using retouching apps and/or image ‘filters’ by the age of 13.

The tools on these apps allow you to completely change the appearance of yourself, from smoothing skin, thinning or enlarging body parts and even altering your faces bone structure.

The research by Dove also revealed the longer girls spend on these apps, the lower their self-esteem. The ‘Reverse Selfie’ campaign aims to tackle the overwhelming addiction of heavily edited and retouched images online. Dove have said ‘if images on social media were more representative of the ways girls look in everyday life, they would feel more comfortable.’

Dove Selfie Self Esteem campaign launches with moving video

Tackling the problem, Dove has created free Confidence Kits which can be downloaded online.

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