Inspired by Iceland launches new interactive site ‘Joyscroll’ to swipe away doomscrolling habits

By on Friday, January 15, 2021

Inspired by Iceland, an Icelandic tourism site, has launched a quirky initiative to discourage us from doomscrolling – the endless consumption of negative news via our social feeds.

Their new interactive site ‘Joyscroll’ enables us to take a break from all this and scroll through 22.7m of joyful content instead.

Their findings discovered that on average, one person scrolls through 22.7m (74.47ft) of bad news on their social media feeds each day.

This site offsets our compulsive habits of chasing negativity and instead spreads positivity through the breath-taking sights and sounds of Iceland.

Users can flick through a 75ft long feed of soothing streams, magical beings, and peaceful landscapes, accompanied by the soundtracks of Icelandic stars to get all the senses flowing.

A measuring tool calculates your scrolling distance as you descend through the reel of wonders. In addition to this, Joyscroll has a breathing section, allowing users a moment to take a step back and relax.

With Icelanders only seeing 5 hours of daylight throughout the winter months they are well acquainted with finding joy amidst the darkness. This website creates a sense of community by inviting others to do the same.

Head of Visit Iceland Sigríður Dögg Guðmundsdóttir says, “We hope our content will offer an escape and bring a smile to the world. Hopefully, sometime soon, people will be able to enjoy it in real life. We look forward to welcoming that day.”

Visit to escape the daily grind, the confines of working from home, and the constant flow of negative news we are currently enduring!

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