Coca-Cola and Diesel team up to launch recycled clothing collection

By on Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Coca-Cola and Diesel have partnered up to release a new clothing line, The (Re)Collection, made out of partially recycled materials.

Made out of recycled plastic bottles, recycled cotton and sporting the iconic Coca-Cola branding, the 16 piece collection seeks to raise awareness about recycling and the potential usage of recycled PET fibers.

The limited edition line is currently only available through a secret shopping page on accessible by scanning any recycling logo worldwide.



The range will then be stocked in select stores around the world following a special event as Paris Fashion Week.

Michelle Moorehead, VP of Global Licensing and Retail for The Coca-Cola Company, explained: “We are excited to partner with DIESEL on this collection. Not only does The (Re)Collection generate awareness of the importance of recycling in a very approachable way by showcasing beautiful fashions created from recycled materials. It’s also a collection that celebrates individuality.”

Renzo Rosso, founder of DIESEL, said: “As a leading pioneer in denim and casual fashion, DIESEL has always been known in the industry as an innovator. The (Re)Collection is a collaboration between two authentic and iconic brands that are both committed to a more responsible business. Inspired by our vision of the future, we are collaborating with Coca-Cola to explore new methods of creating fabrics, whilst challenging ourselves to incorporate recycled materials in our collections.”

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