Satirical saree faux clothing line calls out rape victim blaming in India

By on Thursday, May 9, 2019

A new faux clothing line of sarees has been released today to call out the nationwide problem of rape victim blaming in India.

Developed by a team of creatives at Hill Holliday and BBDO, the satirical series of sarees each contain tongue-in-cheek yet shockingly jarring descriptions that demonstrate the underlying issues and views towards women still present in the country.

The most shocking item in the collection, called the “Acchi Bacchi” or “Good Girl” Saree for Kids, shows a doll of a young girl dressed in the line’s ultra conservative clothing style with a line that reads how “the embroidery practically screams ‘Uncle please let me go today'”.

The campaign seeks to convey a simple yet powerful message that modest clothing won’t stop rapists however education, new laws and the general empowerment of women will make a difference.

Although all of the items display “prices” they are not available for sale, instead a button below each allows readers to donate money to Sayfty; an organisation that works to educate and empower women against violence.

Karen Kaplan, chairman and CEO of Hill Holliday, said the project is a “perfect example of why what we do matters.”

“I’m incredibly proud of this team, and I’m so inspired by their passion and energy. They didn’t wait for permission to make this work. They didn’t have a brief. They didn’t have a deadline. They decided it mattered, it was important to them and they did it.”

You can view the entire collection and read more about the campaign here.

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