Pornhub launch hi-tec swimming trunks to hide beach boners

By on Monday, May 27, 2019

Pornhub have announced their latest innovation – the Bonerless Bathing Suit, ‘a cure for beach boner blues’.

According to Metro – the trunks are equipped with a special lining, which the porn provider say can ‘help camouflage and conceal’ a hard-on.

The product release reads; “Whether it’s the swarms of half-naked bods, a warm breeze catching you just the right way or simply because your little buddy’s got a mind of his own, if your start to rise our patented Bonerless Technology will stop the tide. So grab your shades and your surfboard and leave your worries at home.’

The ‘product’ is being supported by a witty Beach Boys-esque promo video.

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