Football players wear shirts printed with insults to protest racism

By on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Spanish football team made up of migrants wore football jerseys printed with different racial slurs on the back as a sign of protest against racism.

The team named Alma de África, which means soul of Africa, is made up of five Spaniards and immigrants from 12 other nationalities based in Jerez.

Racist comments the team have endured from the stands including, “Monkey”, “Slave”, “Gorilla” and “No papers” replaced the players’ real names on the backs their t-shirts for their final game of the season.

Racism in soccer has been prevalent in not only Spain’s local leagues but in the highest levels of European soccer as well. Many of the team’s players have stories of hardship during games involving racial slurs.

Eric Josué Amang, a defender and midfielder for the team said “I played with the word ‘monkey’ on my back. We did it to tell everyone that we are not criminals. That we are people and that we do not bother anyone. This is the 21st century and we want people to respect us.”

By @MuirJennie


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