LEGO mocks Samsung and Huawei’s foldable phone with its very own ‘Lego Fold’

By on Thursday, March 7, 2019

LEGO has jumped on the current folding smartphone trend by teasing its very own foldable device.

Titled the ‘Lego Fold’, the brand announced its release with a tweet stating the product had ‘A stunning 5-inch cover display’ which ‘unfolds into an 11-inch pop-up story book’.

They made a further dig at Huawei and Samsung’s latest offerings stating their fold ‘never runs out of battery’.

Whilst the image of Lego’s foldable is uncannily similar to Samsung’s promotional imagery used for their Galaxy Fold, the Lego Fold comes nowhere close to a smartphone or any electronic device. It’s actually a 3D Pop-Up Book Legoset.

The set includes pieces to create two fairy tale stories: Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk.

Fans of the company appeared to love the promotional joke, with one user asking LEGO ‘Please release the technical specifications! I need to know the processing speed before I commit to purchasing!’

The set is Lego’s first Pop-Up Book set, and whilst Samsung and Huawei’s foldables might have the technological edge, Lego’s offering at $69.99 is certainly the unique addition to the marketplace.

By @SophieRafter

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