Dean Gaffney and Virgin Trains search for new ‘voice of the toilets’

By on Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Since 2013 Virgin Trains have featured talking toilets, which gives advice about hygiene and safety when using the loo.

But now the train company are now looking for someone to be the new voice of the toilet.

According to the promo video – the first person in line to audition was actor Dean Gaffney, best known for playing Robbie Jackson in EastEnders.

However, Virgin Trains had to politely explain to Gaffers that they were looking for ‘real people’ and therefore they would be searching for genuine customers to be the new voice.


Instead, Dean will be helping spread the word of the nationwide search.

He will also be providing his expertise to the audition process in the form of the Virgin Trains GaffBot, an automated entry system in which Dean guides hopefuls through a warm-up to help them deliver the perfect audition.

The winners’ vocals will be heard on Virgin Trains services right across the West Coast route, giving them an audience of more than 38 million passengers a year.

They will be required to talk about unflushables and health and safety as the train company have battled against the likes of nappies, wedding rings and even bras causing blockages in their toilets.

Peter Broadley, Executive Director of Customer Experience & Operations at Virgin Trains said: “We make it our mission to ensure our customers get a warm welcome when they travel with us on Virgin Trains services. That friendliness extends to our toilets too.”

The search is now open and closes on Friday 5th April 2019.



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