Waste Whale surfaces on beach in the Philippines

By on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A seaside community in the Philippines woke up to a morbid sight, a life size installation of a beached whale.

Greenpeace Philippines used the sculpture to make a daring statement about the problems of pollution that face local communities.

Aiming to capture the public’s attention, a nearly 50-foot-long blue whale was beached just south of Manila.

Replicating the findings of real beached whales, the figure’s stomach was filled with plastic bags, containers, bottles, and other plastic waste gathered from the ocean.

Greenpeace states that though the Philippines has made steps to address plastic pollution through legislation, the reality remains that the country is ranked as the third highest contributor of plastic waste found in the ocean

The confrontational piece of activist art was a call for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to step up and put in place the appropriate measures to control plastic pollution in an effort to reduce environmental degradation.

By @milanolivia_

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