Warner Bros. new spooky Snapchat filter for “The Nun” goes viral

By on Monday, September 10, 2018

Snapchat are famed for their filters and picture lenses but this one might just send chills down your spine. To promote their new film “The Nun” Warner Bros. has sponsored a Snapchat filter that has fans of the franchise seriously spooked.

A darkened front-facing camera view asks users to blow out a virtual candle using their phone microphone before a ghostly shrieking nun takes over the full screen.

The filter went viral on Twitter after Youtuber Jake Mellor shared a video of him reacting to the new Snapchat lens. .

Many other users have since flocked to twitter to share their feeling on the new filter and show off their own reactions to the sudden jump scare.

A Warner Bros. spokesperson speaking to Buzzfeed News said, “We challenged the Snap team to deliver a true scream-worthy experience in a lens featuring Valak (The Nun). The lens plays upon the intimacy of the front facing camera, having Valak haunt the user, and culminates in our signature jump-scare,”

“The experience on Snap was targeted to horror fans in over 25 countries around the world. We’re thrilled with the results — audience are loving the scare on Snap and extending the experience to other social platforms.”

The Nun hit UK cinemas nationwide on Friday, 7th September.

By @milanolivia_

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