Coop launch new fragrance that smells like milk gone bad

By on Monday, September 24, 2018

Most would agree there is little worse than the smell of off milk, but in a bizarre twist of events, that’s exactly what Swedish grocery chain Coop have decided their brand-new perfume should smell like.

This unique fragrance is the product of Coops larger environmental push to reduce food waste.

By producing an off-milk fragrance, Coop are urging consumers to rely on their sense of taste and smell rather than expiration dates.

They argue their scent can educate customers whether their dairy beverage has spoiled rather than a label, stopping people automatically tossing products.

The brand is very open about their commitment to the planet and sustainable living. Last year 87% of their total waste was recycled. This new fragrance marks their efforts to bring their values directly to their customers.

Anneli Bylund, Coop’s acting head of sustainability says, ‘With the fragrance Old Milk, we want to make people decrease their food waste at home, by helping them understand the difference between drinkable and undrinkable milk’ advising ‘Don’t be afraid to smell, taste and look at the food before you throw it out’.

Intrigued? You can fill out a form here to order a sample.


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