Fortnite fitness class launched by David Lloyd Clubs

By on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Chances are, you know what Fortnite is. (On the off-chance you don’t, it’s a video game that drops you and 99 other online players onto an island replete with guns and ammo, and you battle it out to be the last player (or team) standing).

It’s fun. It’s a lot of fun.

Your player can ’emote’ – meaning, you can make them dance, blow kisses, ask for supplies and more.

The developer, Epic Games, has used a number of real-life dance moves/crazes as emotes, like so:

Cool, eh?

Well, flossing is one of those emotes. You know what flossing is, and you’ve almost definitely tried it. My Fortnite-loving, street dance-mad daughter enjoys my attempts, anyway.

So – having established what Fortnite is, and that emotes are a part of the game, allow me to introduce this, from David Lloyd Gyms:

Emote Royale

Fortnite Fever has swept the nation the past few months, so it’s no wonder 56% of parents are worried about how much time their children spend playing computer games.. That’s why we’ve launched* a brand new ‘Emote Royale’ class, so kids can ‘floss’ and ‘flapper’ their way to fitness. Developed alongside a team of 12-year-old consultants, we’re urging children to swap the controller for choreography in this fun and unique workout class. *Available at select DL Kids clubs across the country throughout the summer holidays.

Posted by David Lloyd Clubs on Tuesday, 31 July 2018

That’s right, they’ve created ‘Emote Royale’, a fitness-class inspired by Fortnite (brand blog on it here).

It’s described as:

‘an exercise class for teens and children dedicated to learning the incredibly popular dance moves featured in the computer game. From ‘flossing’ to ‘taking the L’, kids mimic game characters in [the] unique class’

It’s available at select kids clubs across the country throughout the summer holidays, but it’s not insensitive to suggest that it might well be as much for the social media love and coverage (a smattering, at the time of writing, including the BBC, so nice), as it is to get kiddies up and flossing. Don’t expect to see this at a David Lloyd in the back-end of nowhere, is all I’m saying.

(I recall throwing a similar idea at the Les Mills team at my last agency when Miley Cyrus twerked at the VMAs – birthing a twerking fitness class that was definitely not just for the coverage, no-no-no…)

Involved agency: Cow PR

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