Volvo to help create a new ‘Living Sea Wall’ to combat ocean pollution

By on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Volvo have teamed up with the Sydney Institute of Marine Sciences, Reef Design Lab and it’s agency, White Grey, to create a unique ‘Living Seawall’, to aid the fight against plastic pollution in the ocean.

Over half the sea line has been lost to sea walls, which leads to pollution and loss of sea habitat, so they aimed to build something that would recreate the natural ocean environment. In order to combat this, concrete tiles, reinforced with 100% recycled plastic fibres and printed using 3D printing, will mimic the root structure of native mangrove trees that once grew to encourage organism colonisation and growth. These organisms then, in turn, will help to filter pollutants, particles and metals from the ocean.

Nick Connor, Volvo Car Managing Director Australia, states that they aim to ‘give plastic a purpose’, demonstrating Volvo’s commitment to the environment and help the brand double sales in Australia.

The campaign has had further interest from other Volvo teams and they hope to produce more ‘Living Seawalls’ in other cities.

After the success of Blue Planet II highlighted in disaster facing our oceans Volvo is the latest brand putting their power into correcting this. Just a few days ago we also covered what video game company Mojang are doing to help, with their highly popular game Minecraft, you can read about their efforts here.


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