Smile Asia promote special cutlery set to raise awareness of children with cleft lip

By on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Understanding someone else’s difficulties from their point of view is sometimes best presented visually.

‘The Cleft Collection’ are a special set of cutleries to show diners at the Ritz Carlton hotel how difficult it is for children with clef lip and palate to eat.

Non-profit organisation Smile Asia specialises in bringing treatment and care to children with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities across Asia, aiming to help over 100,000 children born with these conditions every year.

Vincent Yeow, Chairman and Founder of Smile Asia, said: “The Cleft Collection allows you and I to experience the struggles children with cleft lip and palate face at every meal.

“We hope that with this initiative, we will be able to get more people to support the cause of helping children across Asia living with these conditions.”

The video shows how unsuspecting guests eyes were truly opened to the struggles of children suffering from the condition, after using the cutlery to eat a four-course dinner – a small taste of the frustration children deal with at every meal.

Powerful stuff.

Source: The Drum

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