Ikea conducts science experiment with students in anti-bullying campaign

By on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Ikea asked students to carry out a science experiment for them.

They placed two Ikea plants in schools and gave them both the exact same amount of water and sunlight.

However, one plant was exposed to compliments and the other to the negative comments that were recorded by the students.

The plants were left for 30 days and after this time period the plant that was played the compliments looked healthy, whereas the negative comment plant wilted.

The science behind this outcome is unclear but it is a strong message for the students  – Bullying can hurt and everything benefits from positivity.

Indeed, Ikea wrote alongside the video that “Plants have feelings, just like people” and claims that the social experiment aims “to raise awareness on the effects of bullying,” and used the hashtag #SayNoToBullying in their media.

If you’re skeptical about the experiment, you’re not alone.

“There is no way this is sound science,” notes one YouTube commenter.

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