Virgin Trains respond to 26-30 railcard selling out with #AvoCard

By on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Virgin Train’s new reactive campaign revolves around Millennial’s supposed favourite food stuff – the avocado.

The launch of the new 26-30 railcard left consumers disappointed as repeat crashes of the website meant that many were unable to get their hands on the card which gives 1/3 off rail fares.

Following on from this, Virgin Trains have offered an unorthodox, alternative solution – the #AvoCard. For one week only customers aged 26-30 are encouraged to simply bring along an avocado when buying a ticket on Virgin trains to claim the same discount the card offers.

The quick thinking stunt garnered mixed reactions with some claiming that the avocado X millennial relationship had already been bled dry or could even be seen as downright offensive to Millennials themselves.

Others praised the “fun”, if a bit random tone the campaign presented with Peperami even joining in, offering their followers “meaty snacks” for those sharing their travelling avocado pictures.

Let’s just hope those using the promotion are using fresh avocados as we can all agree that the last thing commuter trains need are a bottom of the drawer avocado smell at 8 in the morning.

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