Roseanne subway stunt invites commuters to make themselves right at home

By on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

To celebrate the return of Roseanne –  ABC is stirring up nostalgic memories by placing commuters directly into the TV family’s living room on the subway in NYC.

Commuters will step into the Roseanne-themed subway car between Grand Central Station and Times Square which recreates the iconic TV living room and comes with family portraits, afghan print seats, a fireplace and assorted memorabilia.

Responses to this activation were well received on Twitter, where ABC shared images of the train and invited commuters to share their own experiences of the activation.

“When we learned we were doing a Roseanne reboot, the excitement was palpable,” said ABC head of marketing Rebecca Daugherty. “We knew we had to lean into the nostalgia to remind fans what they loved about the original Roseanne and build excitement for the new show.”


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