Crumbs! McVities reveal the perfect way to eat a Jaffa Cake

By on Sunday, March 4, 2018

It’s rare that a totally self-serving PR stunt delivers.

You have to be a well established brand with a few decades of proper brand love under your belt to pull it off.

Step forward McVitie’s who have today revealed the optimal way to eat a Jaffa Cake – and in so doing generated a load of publicity.

Now in case you’re busy… the key finding of this study is YOU’RE EATING THEM WRONG YOU IDIOT.

The cake slash biscuit brand enlisted the help of food science expert Dr Stuart Farrimond to provide the definitive answer

Dr Farrimond recommends utilising the “all rounder” method, first nibbling the Jaffa Cake around the edge before eating the middle section containing the distinctive orange jelly,

A survey explored the nation’s Jaffa Cake eating techniques.

Their results concluded;

35 per cent of people are “half mooners”, opting to enjoy a Jaffa Cake in two bites by first biting it in half to resemble a half moon and then finishing off the rest.

28 per cent are “all rounders”, choosing to first nibble their Jaffa Cakes around the edge.

A fifth of people are “scoffers”, who eat an entire Jaffa Cake in one go, while six per cent are “jelly lovers”, who enjoy going straight for the orange jelly inside.


Delivering his magnum opus Dr Farrmond, said “We ran a panel of experiments to discover the best ratio of chocolate, orange jam and sponge. Given that the orange jam layer is pooled in the central segment of the Jaffa Cake, different eating styles will result in different combinations of these three layers in each mouthful. Whilst the most common way to eat a Jaffa Cake is the Half Mooner technique, our research concluded that the ‘All Rounder’ with the middle portion of the Jaffa Cake eaten as one, gives the optimum sweetness, taste and flavour. This can only be fully appreciated by nibbling the edge off first and then eating the middle portion alone.’

McVitie’s published these findings in the “McVitie’s Zest Report”

Our verdict: The PR team on this one got to have their (jaffa) cake and eat it.

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