Deliveroo trolls UberEats by giving away free doughnuts because UberEats stunt fails massively

By on Thursday, November 16, 2017

So I wrote a PR Examples post yesterday about the Krispy Kreme stunt with UberEats and the fact that it bombed when the UberEats app crashed. Today I see that Deliveroo has an awesome PR team because they saw what was happening with UberEats and decided to offer free doughnuts in person… with no risk of the website crashing.

Deliveroo trolls UberEats by giving away free doughnuts in London

At least 1,000 doughnuts were handed out at Cannon Street, Liverpool Street and Kings Cross stations in London while stocks lasted.

Fair play to Deliveroo for seeing an opportunity and going for it! It may not have been 36,000 doughnuts, but it was definitely enough to keep the people in London happy and the media entertained.

We should definitely learn from Deliveroo, keep an eye on your competitors and if there’s an opportunity for you to capitalise on a mistake they’ve made, then go for it!

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