Chessington gave away free family tickets over the Bank Holiday Weekend IF parents locked their phones away for the day!

By on Thursday, August 31, 2017

This is one of the more genius PR stunts I’ve seen and it’s so simple too!

There are many people who judge parents for being on their phone too much when they’re meant to be spending time with their kids, so for Chessington to offer parents free entry for them and their kids just to put their phones away – why wouldn’t you do it?!

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The park posted on social media that they would select 10 families to take part on the Bank Holiday Weekend to leave their phones at the ‘No Phone Gate’ and then go on ahead to enjoy the day.

But if you are the type of parent who wants pictures of the kids on all the fun rides and can’t possibly be without your phone because you need proof that little Timmy went on a rollercoaster, Chessington sorted that too! Parents received a disposable camera on entry to document their day retro-style.

Also, the ad was full of hilarious puns such as ‘forget your iOS, it’s now time for ‘iO-yes’ and ‘if you say ‘no-bile’ to mobile’ LOL.

This was a great way to get people away from their phones for the day and go old school and the local press loved it!

Looking at what happened during the ‘no phone’ day, it seemed to have worked well and showed the parents just how dependant they were on their phones.

Involved agency: Frank PR

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