Björn Borg plays a tennis match on the border between the U.S and Mexico

By on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

No, not the actual Björn Borg, but the Swedish sportswear brand named after the famous player.

In a promotional initiative intended to highlight sport’s ability to ‘unite people’, the brand set up something of a unique tennis match.

Orchestrated to draw on US President Donald Trump’s ‘build a wall’ policy, and coinciding with Wimbledon, Mexican player Mariano Argote and American player Peter Clemente played a tennis match, on the U.S. – Mexican border with one player on each side of the border.

Dubbed the Borg Open, half the tennis court sat on Mexican soil and the other half on US soil.

A nice campaign idea, based on the solid and emotive premise of finding commonality across borders, but – and this might just be my mood as I write this as I near the end of the work day – it’s SUPER schmaltzy.

The tennis match was played at Tijuana River, between San Diego (US) and Tijuana (MX).

Further reading/source: Bjorn Borg blog

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