Oxfam uses VR technology to encourage donations

By on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Oxfam has begun using Samsung VR headsets to show customers where their donations are going (literally).

The stunts purpose is to highlight the importance of what Oxfam does and the people who their work reaches, as well as giving customers a clear insight into where their money is being spent. The charity has been using Samsung’s Virtual Reality technology coupled with immersive headphones to give an on-the-ground view of the areas which Oxfam helps around the world, including Bashir in Iraq.

The project is showing people just how severe the devastation around the world is and the charity are hoping it will increase donations.

I think the campaign is good because it is using current technology to stress the importance of the charity’s own objectives, and also the stunt could have a direct impact on future donations.



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