It Is Christmas So Lets Get Battered

By on Thursday, December 22, 2016

The humble Brussel Sprout isn’t the highlight of my Christmas, mushy, soggy and with a sour taste, I’m not sure how they sneak onto my plate each year! But a chain of London fish and chip shops have outdone themselves this Christmas introducing a deep friend Brussel sprout on to the menu.

An east London favourite, Suttons and Sons announced their deep fried mince pies and Brussel sprouts at the start of December. While some of you might be thinking ‘this sounds horrendous’, honestly anything battered is brilliant.

Brussel sprouts are the perfect starter or a side dish to share. And, if you wanted to step things up a notch sprinkle a little Paprika for an extra kick! Mince pies are served straight out of the fryer and come with a generous dollop of homemade brandy butter – a real winner! The limited edition menu is available until the 31st of December and has already received some positive write-ups on The Sun and a mention on Talk Radio.

Not your typical Fish & Chip shop, Sutton & Sons have been selling battered beauties since 2010. The three sites across London all serve up delicious fresh fish, which is unsurprising considering Sutton & Sons started out as Stoke Newington Fishmongers in 1998. The deep-fried Brussel sprout isn’t the first mad idea either, to launch the Hackney branch earlier this year customers were invited to bring a bar (chocolate bar that is) which the chefs battered and fried for no extra charge.

Overall I think the deep fried Brussel Sprout is a cool, quirky idea which makes one of Christmas’s biggest villains a delicious treat.

Nb. Suttons and Sons is a client of Wern PR, whilst we might be biased towards them the Brussel sprouts are awesome and you should definitely try some.

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