Piers Morgan backs the USA in Paddy Power Ryder Cup stunt

By on Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pier’s Morgan is still annoyed over the Brexit vote – he voted to remain while 17 million people voted to leave.

On that note, Paddy Power has enlisted the outspoken TV presenter to announce his support for the United States in golf’s showpiece event, the Ryder Cup. Piers is passionate in supporting the USA, as he believes Britain voted to leave Europe in the referendum so why should Britain support Team Europe.

Watch Piers Morgan declare his support for Team USA here:

The video shows Piers backing America, saying it’s Europe “on Lance Armstrong-grade steroids”, and of course includes jokes referring to the presidential election. Piers Morgan has not had the best experience with capturing the hearts of Americans in the past, after he was famously chased out in 2014.

Paddy Power is confident that Piers Morgan declaring his hope for America to triumph in the Ryder Cup, will give punters even more reason to support Europe before the Ryder Cup, which starts on Friday.

A spokesperson for Paddy Power said:

“If the annoying, over-the-top cries of ‘get in the hole’ from our friends across the pond wasn’t a good enough reason to support Europe, we thought exposing Morgan as Team USA’s biggest fan would be the perfect deterrent – and help drum up more support for Team Europe.

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