Emojis, yes emojis are big business at The Olympics

By on Friday, August 12, 2016

The Olympics started in Rio this week and what does this mean; time to buy a new 50″ inch Ultra HD TV? No. Not even close, it’s time to upgrade your keyboard – your emoji keyboard. 

That’s right, emojis have become big business and some of the world most watched celebrities have not just their own apps but emoji keyboards to boot. Kim Kardashian (KIMOJI), Justin Beiber (JustMoji) and NBA superstar Steph Curry all have personalised emojis to download for little or no cost. 

While worldwide events like the Olympics is great for big budget PR stunts let’s have a look whats brands are doing to personalise our Olympics experience while we tweet and text our friends and family. 

Whatsapp’s secret Olympics emoji

If you haven’t already noticed, you can now send the iconic five ring logo in messages from Android, iOS and even the web app. You can find it under the football menu (if you’re using an Android device) and if you’re using an Apple device or its not there you type in ‘◯◯◯◯◯’ which will turn it into the logo. 

Puma ’s BoltMoji

Everyones favourite chicken nugget muncher AKA the worlds fastest man has been designed his own range of emojis. Bolt’s headline sponsor Puma, is the brand behind the activity which see’s the lightening bolt striking a variety of poses. The keyboard is free and you download it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/boltmoji/id1134625897?mt=8


Skins #Esportanto

Not one to neglect our much loved emojis, the sportswear brand SKINS unveiled the #esportanto language for sport. The innovative campaign drives fans to create their own banners to support their favourite athletes. Consumers can win themselves a pair of SKINS if they post their self-made banners to Twitter. Our favourites banners include: 


While Twitter hasn’t been having the easiest time recently, they have been investing heavily in sport. They were awarded the rights to Thursday night NFL matches and in the build up to the worlds greatest sporting event, they’ve continued to enhance the viewer experience. Tweeting the three letter code hashtag will bring up the flag emoji of each country but its not just limited to flags: 

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