Free Brexit tattoos being offered today in London

By on Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Proudly displaying its Remain standpoint, ad agency Saatchi London has opened a pop-up ‘Brexit Tattoos’ shop on Berwick St, London ahead of tomorrow’s EU Referendum. It’s free to get a tattoo, but has been opened to highlight the permanence of your vote.

‘It’s your choice but it’s permanent’ is the shop’s motto. There are a handful of tattoos on offer from its ‘free to choose’ gallery:

Comedian Eddie Izzard popped down to the shop for some reason or another.

It’s odd to see an agency throwing its hat into the ring (unless I’ve absolutely missed the point and it was for a client?), but hey, it’s hardly the strangest thing that’s happened in this bloody horrible, divisive run-up.

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