PornHub launches BangFit – ‘the fitness system gyms don’t want you to know about’

By on Thursday, May 19, 2016

PornHub (come on, I don’t need to give a description, do I?) is launching a new ‘fitness system’ that sounds like it was cooked up by Keith Lemon called Bangfit. Here’s the campaign video:

Users can join in at BangFit, which will allow users to then sync the game to their phones. BangFit offers options for one player, two players and (brilliantly) three players. You can choose your ‘sexercise’ from there, by picking the one that’ll help you burn the most calories over thirty minutes.


PornHub says the BangFit Band is ‘going to be available soon’, and that the software product is ‘in beta’ – or, in other more PR-y words, it’s probably never going to be available and this is a little more than a quick and funny awareness/traffic/link-grabbing marketing stunt.

Source: Techcrunch


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