If Carlsberg did chocolate bars

By on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

With Easter just around the corner Carlsberg wants to make sure everyone is thinking about beer, just as much as chocolate.

Dubbed the alcohol company’s ‘biggest experimental event’ yet, Carlsberg spared no expense in creating a giant chocolate bar, outside its pop-up ‘If Carlsberg did chocolate bars’ shop at the Truman Brewery, Shoreditch.

It’s a fully functioning three meter shop in the style of an old English pub, the shop which popped up today features a chocolate dartboard and bar stools and allows guests to help themselves to a complementary half pint of Carlsberg, served of course in a chocolate cup.

Dharmesh Rana, Carlsberg’s senior brand manager said,

“I guess some people might think beer and chocolate is a bit of an odd pairing. But Easter tends to mark an uplift in sales within the beer category, so we wanted to keep Carlsberg in the front of everyone’s minds over this period. We wanted people to be thinking about beer as much as they’re thinking about chocolate.”

Carlsberg is no stranger to big experiments and taking creative risks, past ventures include last years beer serving tap in Brick Lane for If Carlsberg did Christmas trees and a £5,000 April fools joke which is said to have generated over £130,000 worth of free media.

So watch out for what’s coming next, with Carlsberg hinting strategy will change to ‘more content-led pieces rather than big hero advertising.’

Source: Chris Quinn 

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