Danish goalkeeper gets butter fingers thanks to Graham’s Butter

By on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ahead of the Denmark/Scotland footy match that saw the Scottish beat the Danes 1-0 on Tuesday 29th March, family owned butter company, Graham’s Butter went to great lengths to ensure Scotland had the home advantage.

Before the match Graham’s Butter had a 3ft x 2ft box of its butter delivered to Danish goal keeper, Kasper Schmeichel, in the hope that he would rub his hands in it and lose all control of those talented hands. It could be that he did just that seeing as one goal was let in – I doubt we’ll ever know.

The box of butters accompanying note read: ‘Dear Mr Schmeichel, Welcome to Scotland!  Please get your hands all over Scotland’s finest and freshest butter ahead of tomorrow night’s match.  All the best, Graham’s The Family Dairy’.

Although the football match itself was a friendly, one can’t help but think that Graham’s delivery is a cheeky play at major competitor and Danish butter brand Lurpak.

I love stunts like this – good fun and on brand, well done Graham’s and of course Scotland FC!

(Involved agencies – Wire Media)

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