Swiss dating sites rates how (un)attractive you are

By on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

You might remember last year when Microsoft released a website that would guess your age. It was called

Well Swiss dating app Blinq have gone one step further and released a site that now only guesses your age but also rates how attractive you are.

Blinq’s ‘faces‘ site uses technology from ETH Zurich and Computer Vision Lab to ‘let artificial intelligence guess your attractiveness and age’.

The rating system goes from ‘Hmmm…’ to ‘Godlike’ and for the sake of science I uploaded my own photo to see how accurate it is. It guessed my age spot on but rated me ‘OK’ for attractiveness so something must be broken with their software.

The site has done well in terms of national coverage, proving that everyone deep down is interested in being told how good looking they are.

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