Binge watchers stumble across their favourite front doors and characters on Airbnb

By on Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Vibrant Doors has tapped into everyone’s fascination with binge watching television shows by placing some of the most famous front doors from TV shows on Airbnb.

Dexter’s creepy apartment is advertised as a ‘Killer’ Miami apartment, complete with ‘kitchen with full knife rack’.

Family Guy’s animated Quahog family home includes Stewie’s ‘fully working time travel machine’ and ‘secret weapons room’  and has received a very positive review from Quagmire.

The Soprano’s mansion and Tim and Daisy’s cute London flat from space are also featured but my personal favourite has to be this Breaking Bad Offering:

It is not an original idea with rooms in Buckingham Palace popping up on Airbnb before as well as the company itself listing Neighbours houses on Ramsay Street.

However it is always popular and will no doubt generate traffic to the door manufacturing company.

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