UNICEF shock parents with stunt at event in Brazil.

By on Thursday, October 15, 2015


“What if it were your kid?” is the leading question asked by UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund) for their campaign titled “There’s still time” (through hashtag #aindadatempo) which combine their efforts to reach the Global Goals and to commemorate the 25 years of publication of ECA (Estatuto da Criança e do Adolescente – Child and Adolescent Statute) which protect and set laws for treatment  of minors in the country.

Launched, just a few days before the Brazilian Children’s Day which is celebrated on October 12th, the campaign goal is to raise awareness and mobilize people to take action to help minors being explored by children labor, living in poor conditions  or simply having their rights violated throughout the world.

A major component from this campaign include a stunt that was conducted at the “Salão do Estudante” event on September 27 and 28, the largest event about Education Exchange Programs in Latin America, a booth was set-up for the fictitious exchange program agency named “ECA Exchange Programs – To change children’s lives”. Inside this booth, hired actors playing travel agents offered to parents unthinkable travel experiences for their children, which still are daily reality for millions of children and teenagers in Brazil and throughout the world.

The options offered, included fighting in a civil war with real weapons (Children Revolutionary Program), spending time in a refugee camp (Adventure Camp Program), do heavy work (Work Experience Program) or even studying in schools without water, electricity or learning resources (Focusing Study Program).  After being shocked by the offered programs and reacting negatively towards them, the public was invited to reflect on these conditions that are still very real for millions of kids.

“Right now, millions of children in Brazil and around the world are having their rights violated. The goal of the campaign is to draw attention to this reality, forcing parents to confront what if it were their children in these situations, to connect to the severity of problem, “explains Edith Asibey, Head of Communication and Partnerships of UNICEF Brazil. “We, at UNICEF, are convinced that there’s still time to secure the rights of all children and adolescents without exception.”

A video showing how this stunt went can be viewed below:

Involved Agency: Ogilvy Brasil

Source: R7 and AdNews

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