Trick or tune? Tunepics embraces Halloween to mark five millionth user

By on Friday, October 30, 2015

Tunepics, if you didn’t know, is a music and picture sharing app. Basically like Instagram, but you have the option of adding a soundtrack to your image. If you’re like me, I always think when I take a particularly moody or funny pic, ‘man this photo would be great with ‘All by myself’ by Celine Dion!’ Not surprisingly the app has done incredibly well and reached five million users.

Now what better time to celebrate the app’s success than during Halloween, one of the most visually creative ‘holidays’ we celebrate. Tunepics created scary filters that expire instantly after the 31st October, for users to add to their pics including cobwebs, blood, spiders and bats. The best uploads with the hashtag #Halloween have been appearing on the Tunepics homepage throughout the week following up to Halloween.


Users could also add iconic scary songs such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller and the Ghostbuster theme song, to their scary pics for added spooky value.


Justin Cooke, founder and CEO of Tunepics, said: “Tunepics is all about capturing and sharing moments and these playful and spooky filters take that idea even further.

“We made them for the millions of people who celebrate Halloween all over the world, we can’t wait to see their best Halloween outfits and parties – accompanied by a song like ’Thriller’ or ‘Ghostbusters’, they’ll really come to life. We’ve had a lot of fun scaring each other in the office already.”

These scary filters are the first attempt from Tunepics at being culturally relevant, no doubt we’ll see some festive elements for Christmas!

(Sourced from the Drum)

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