Now TV celebrate the release of season 6 of The Walking Dead by creating a perfume that repels zombies

By on Thursday, October 8, 2015

If you’re like me and seriously obsessed with gruesome TV series The Walking Dead, then this PR stunt is right up your street. Now TV have joined forces with McBusted drummer Harry Judd, to create and promote a new perfume, ‘Obfleshion, Eau de Walker’ in preparation for season 6 which hits our screens on the 12th October.


If you watch The Walking Dead then you’ll know that if you smear yourself in zombie juice, you successfully disguise yourself from the zombies and consequently avoid being eaten. With this in mind, Now TV have created the ultimate survival item when the zombie apocalypse hits.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing this to a party though, the fragrance mimics decaying flesh – ew. As the face of the fragrance, Harry Judd not only had to road test the stomach-churning scent but had to get up close and personal with a flesh-eating Walker to film a tongue-in-cheek advert demonstrating the powerful effect of ‘Obfleshion’.

The video is hilarious and plays on the typical elements of a perfume advert, man meets lady, man sprays perfume, lady falls in love with man. However in this case man pushes lady walker off of building.

The fragrance was created in partnership with The Perfume Mistress, Tanya Moulding, and uses a mixture of odious ingredients to evoke the rotting stench of Walker flesh. Tanya comments: “In order to create the ‘Obfleshion’ scent I had to blend key components that would best replicate the pungent base notes that are reminiscent of putrefying flesh. The heart note sets the core character of the fragrance and for that I used Clary Sage and tuberose absolute to a heavier, sweet and fleshy note of rot and decay. I then combined ingredients such as Mushroom absolute, Ruby Gromwell and Geosmin to create a cadaverous, musty base note of rotting corpse and damp vegetation”.

Fans can win their very own limited edition of this delightful fragrance by visiting NOW TV’s Facebook page from today here.

Thank you to Fever PR for bringing this great stunt to my attention!

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