Lyft users will be able to hail a DeLorean in NYC tomorrow with one-day-only ‘McFly Mode’

By on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pepsi has released a limited number of ‘Perfect’ bottles. Universal Studios released a mock Jaws 19 trailer.

Now, taxi-hailing service Lyft has partnered with Verizon and Universal to offer free DeLorean rides in New York City to celebrate ‘Back to the Future Day’ tomorrow (Wednesday the 21st).

Delorean Lyft

Between 11AM to 5PM, users will be able to select a ‘McFly Mode’ on the app.

According to this on The Verge, the stunt is in conjunction with Verizon’s #WhyNotWednesday campaign.

Apparently, to cope with the expected demand, Lyft is bringing DMC-12s from “all over the country” to meet the expected demand.

This isn’t the first time DeLorean rides have been offered up by a taxi-hailing app – Uber did it first, in San Francisco back in September 2013 in partnership with General Electric.

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