Children imagine Singapore from the year 2065 with Lego SG100: Rebuild.

By on Thursday, August 6, 2015

What is really important for our future? This is one of the questions that is raised in this stunt from Lego Singapore. As part of of celebration of 50 years of Singapore’s independence from the UK rule, the company wanted to promote the spirit of mutual consideration – “Kampung” – to encourage people to create and share joy by playing.

Titled Rebuild, they started by asking AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego) from Singapore to create using Lego blocks what they picture the city might look like in the next 50 years, on the year 2065. The grown-ups ideas included futuristic skyscrapers, massive highways and towering offices, that resemble Transformer robots.

Then they put a group of six-year old children in the room to make changes on the build city to turn it into the Singapore 2065 that they want. Parks replaced skyscrapers, homes replaced offices or set closer to each other, and families were brought closer together.

Dan Luo, Country Manager, LEGO Singapore: “We saw what progress looks like through the eyes of six-year-old kids, what their dream city would be. It was fascinating to see what their priorities were for Singapore. Sometimes we might lose what is most important in the pursuit of development: spending time with loved ones, and taking care of our communities. That is what togetherness is all about, and that is what celebrating SG50 is all about.

Ed Cheong, Creative Director. Iris Worldwide, Singapore: “Because most of us working on the project are young enough to embrace the wonders of living in a metropolis, and yet old enough to remember life before the city rapidly transformed, the insights were lived rather than observed. The idea was to physically build what the picture of progress looks like for a futuristic metropolis, only to give the next generation the freedom to rebuild what we’ve done.

As a Singaporean born and raised, I’m proud to have witnessed the rapid progress made by our young nation. But beneath the sleek skyline of our metropolis are age-old values and characters that make a global city – home. Celebrations aside, we wanted to deliver a powerful reminder to fellow urbanites that even when we do arrive at SG100, some things should never be forgotten.

The campaign launched when Lego Singapore held its Rebuild Your Memories Competition in June, followed by the launch of the four Lego SG50 Limited Edition Singapore Icons Mini Builds.

Involved Agency: Iris Worldwide

Sources: The Stable, Campaign Asia & AdWeek

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