Immigrants asked to ‘jump in the back (but only if you’re good at sport)’ by Paddy Power

By on Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sooo… betting firm Paddy Power tweeted this, this morning:

That’s right, it’s an actual lorry spotted in the port of Dover – where for weeks on British news, we’ve seen migrants trying to hop aboard lorries in Calais, France.

Paddy Power immigrants 2

On the side of the HGV are England footballer Raheem Sterling, Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah, tennis player Andy Murray, England rugby player Manu Tuilagi, and England one day international cricket captain Eion Morgan – all people that have represented England or Great Britain, but were born in other countries (Sterling was born in Jamaica, Farah in Somalia, Murray is Scottish, Tuilagi was born in Samoa and Morgan is Irish).

The company explain all in this blog post, saying:

“So – to summarise, lots of people are keen to stop migrants arriving in England, but at the same time will cheer on high calibre athletes representing their country, even if those athletes aren’t actually from their country. That’s what we would call a ‘quandary’ – or if you’re from Ireland – ‘supporting the national football team for most of the 1980s and 90s’.”

Source: Quirker

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