Public ignore growing street lump in Cancer Research campaign

By on Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The focus behind many campaigns is to grab attention, but the recent Cancer Research UK campaign attempts to highlight just how much we might be ignoring something.

The premise is simple, a giant lump on the side of a public road that increasingly grows with time. Hard to ignore right? Wrong.

The bulge grows to an astonishing size with pedestrians walking by and seemingly ignoring it.

It’s a genius of a campaign that makes a compelling statement about the necessity of taking notice and spotting signs of cancers early on.

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  1. Avatar carol says:

    I agree, it is a very compelling campaign! I’m glad I found this site actually, because I want to learn more about effective public relations campaigns, and how they work. We are learning about strategy and tactic at university. I think that the strategy and tactic here was excellent for this particular campaign. I will look at other ones and try to figure out their strategy and tactic also! Do you think that companies and organizations are going to continue to use these types of campaigns to avoid making people annoyed at being ‘advertised at’, or are they just too expensive and time consuming?

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