Illegal downloaders at work caught out by Walter White and others

By on Thursday, March 19, 2015


How do you create a stunt that deals with the ever increasing problem of people illegally downloading movies at work?

You wait until they start illegally downloading movies at work and then surprise them at their desk with a character from the movie of TV show they are attempting to watch!

Discover Movies set up an Instavideo Service, surprising individuals who were attempting to download movies or TV shows at work using the company Wi-Fi. Whenever someone began an illegal download, they would then be surprised by a character from the show, immediately presenting them with the DVD.

The stunt takes advantage of the time it takes for a high quality movie to download and shows just how convenient (and legal) the service is as an alternative to illegally downloading movies from the internet.

Plus who doesn’t want to be surprised at work by Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, Walter White from Breaking Bad or Darth Maul from Star Wars?

Well….okay maybe not Darth Maul. He’s a bit horny.

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