Reach your creative peak with “The Problem Solver”

By on Monday, January 19, 2015

Creativity isn’t an exact science, but here’s a good attempt to crack it.

Danish brewery, Rocket Brewing Co. teamed up with agency CP+B Copenhagen to create “The Problem Solver” – the most creatively inducing IPA ever made.

the-problem-solver-3Although, in this instance, quantity does not equal quality. Instead this grand, 7.1% bottle of ale uses science to measure the exact amount you’ll need to come up with that killer idea.

According to scientific studies (and who can argue with them?), your creative peak is reached at an alcohol level of exactly 0.075%. How do you know when you’ve reached that level? Simply follow the side label to match your weight with the amount of pale ale you’ll need.


Genius idea? Or a load of rubbish? Either way, thanks to “The Problem Solver” you can throw away the shackles of dry January in the name of creativity – and science has got your back.

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