Londoners challenged to virtual stare off in bus stop campaign

By on Monday, December 1, 2014

In a campaign for contact lens brand Alcon DAILIES, facial recognition technology was used at bus stops to facilitate a stare-off between members of the public and four pre-recorded characters (each of which you’ll hate).

If the member of public won, a contact lens trial voucher was printed for them, there and then, which is neat.

The campaign also included a west London vs. east London stare-off in the Westfields on the weekend of the 24-26th October. According to the release:

The London Stare booths saw shoppers in west London go eye-to-eye with shoppers in east London, live, in a virtual staring contest for bragging rights and vouchers for a free contact lenses trial

Here’s the video for that:

Involved agency: Razorfish

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