Interflora invite the public to send surprise flowers to a special someone – for free

By on Friday, December 5, 2014

Flower brand Interflora has launched a UK-wide Flower Chain campaign, inviting members of the public to send a surprise bouquet of flowers to a special someone for free.

The message card included with each bouquet then asks the recipient to visit the campaign site to discover the identity of their mystery sender and nominate the next person in the chain, which is a really nice touch.

A map on the site shows the gifting trail. 43 surprise bouquets have been sent, covering more than 1,500 miles so far. The longest chain extends to 765 miles currently.


This isn’t the first time Interflora has ran a campaign offering surprise flowers to the public. In a 2010 campaign (and probably other times since, but this one sticks in my mind), the brand, with agency We Are Social, monitored Twitter to find people that were a bit grumpy needed cheering up, that they then contacted directly to arrange delivery. (I can’t imagine being one of the people contacted for, basically, being a bit depressing).

So yeah, this is nicer and a bit slicker what with the Google Map integration but, for me, SLIGHTLY marred by the fact I would feel like I should probably just put my hand in my pocket for that special someone.

To apply to start your own Flower Chain, you have to email Interflora using this address with your name, address, postcode and telephone number.

Image credit: The Florist

Involved agency: BOTTLE PR

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