Santa joins LinkedIn to recruit little helpers for NSPCC campaign

By on Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Despite Christmas being months away, the PR tie ins have begun already. Who says we don’t need a little festive spirit in October? This charming campaign sees Santa Claus set up a LinkedIn profile. The self-proclaimed Managing Director of Christmas is using his profile to recruit ‘little helpers’ to assist with letter-writing duties to children around the world. Santa admits that after installing a satnav on his sleigh, it was time to embrace technology even further. This delightful stunt has been created by NSPCC for their ‘Letter from Santa’ project. People can personalise a letter, donate a suggested £5 and then have Rudolph deliver the letter to a loved one.



This LinkedIn profile feels authentically like Jolly Old St. Nick. His interests include eating mince pies baked by Mrs Claus, who apparently has become addicted to the Great British Bake Off. He even admits that he shouldn’t have a favourite raindeer but one with a bright red nose comes to mind. People have responded enthusiastically to his profile, endorsing him for skills such as Toys, Time Management and being Jolly. The stunt has been a success, picking up coverage such as the Mirror who rolled out the pun ‘snow-cial’ media to describe the NSPCC efforts.


You can watch their promotional video for 2014 full of excitable children below:

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