R.I.P Harry Styles – Famous Names Remembered

By on Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The British Legion has launched a series of posters remembering veterans from World War One.


The posters features veterans who have shared the same names with celebrities, sport stars and politicians of the modern day.


Harry Styles, Andy Murray and Gordon Brown are but three people mentioned in these simple but powerful posters which aim to remind us of the brave soldiers who have fought, are fighting and who will fight for our country and freedom.


The poster campaign details the stories about each soldier mentioned in the poster, briefly documenting their experiences and roles within the “Great War”. More information and posters can be found at http://www.everymanremembered.org/

The site lets users search The British Legions database to find lost relatives, donate funds and make personal dedications. The aim is to create the “largest commemoration this country has ever known” to ensure that each of the 1, 117, 077 million serviceman who lost their lives are remembered.


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